Rose of Jericho - Alkemi and Tings
Rose of Jericho - Alkemi and Tings

Rose of Jericho

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The Rose of Jericho is a truly incredible plant. It is known by many names, including dinosaur plant, resurrection flower, and True Jericho Rose. All of these names reflect the fact that it is a plant that goes from appearing dead or dying and quickly becomes vibrant and green. While it can be in its dormant or dead looking plant for decades, as soon as it gets introduced to water, the fern like fronds quickly turn green and full, and unfurl for a beautiful looking masterpiece. In addition to the amazing properties, there are numerous mystical and occult properties associated with the rose of Jericho. It is said that when being brought back to life in a dish of water, that water gains some of these properties. This water can be sprinkled around the house to resurrect a difficult relationship and bring one back to love. Similarly, it is said to bring about wealthy, good luck, and happiness to any home that it is present in. The resurrection plant can be used as a novelty item, to form new family traditions, or as a unique indoor plant. For instance, many families get it out as part of their annual holiday tradition. They put the plant in water as they gather together with loved ones each year, and use the blooming fronds to remind everyone of the regenerative power of love. Between blooms, it can literally be stored in a dark closet and left alone, as it can survive without care. Others choose to treat it like an air plant, and keep it around the house, spritzing it with water occasionally.