Sample immunity kit. - Alkemi and Tings
Sample immunity kit. - Alkemi and Tings

Travel size, Immunity Boost Kit

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This was created for the Front line workers. Ship one or donate to a drop-off. Or if you just need an immunity boost, just add to cart.

What’s in your Package:

‘Mini Fyah Tonic’, wellness shot. Anti-oxidant, antibacterial, helps with digestion, strengthens the immune system, and removes mucus.


‘Elderberry Syrup’ Cold and Flu relief, Lowers blood sugar, a good source of fiber, helps sinus issues and strengthens the immune system.

‘Mini Healing crystal vial’ Crystals: Rose Quartz, Tiger’s eye, and turquoise. Benefits: Rose Quartz -  Increases self-worth, attracts love, and benefits self-love. Helps alleviate grief. Tigers eye - Brings wisdom and courage, protection, and discernment. Serves as a companion in difficult situations. Turquoise - Brings Balance, wisdom, and truth. Promotes self-esteem and clears negative energy.